IWiT – an introduction

IWiT is an enterprise network, whose objectives are the development and utilization of new telematics solutions for commercial transport in metropolitan areas.
IWiT is the acronym for the network ‘s German name ‘Intelligenter Wirtschaftsverkehr durch Telematik in Metropolregionen’.

The objective of the network, which consists mainly of SMEs and represents technological developers (ITC companies) as well as users from the distribution logistics and passenger transport sectors as partners, is the development of new system solutions and associated state-aided development projects. Foci are solutions to combine traffic data, geo data as well as information and disposition systems. The planned duration is 1 to 3 years.

Current Development Lines are:

Data generation and provision on basis of Bluetooth-/Camera-Detection and Public Data

Provision and processing of  real time traffic data in disposition for optimized utilization of vehicles and containers

Provision and processing of forecast information in traffic management and disposition

The network received a grant notification as ZIM Cooperation Network (KN) within the framework of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm für den Mittelstand).