IWiT network consists of the following partners:

ALBA Berlin GmbH is a certified waste management company offering services, waste disposal and container services for all waste categories in the German capital. ALBA in Berlin has been a reliable partner for business, trade and industry as well as for construction enterprises and architects for 45 years.


BT Berlin Transport GmbH has been a company within the affiliate group of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) AöR since December 1999. BT staff provide driver services with buses and underground trains on behalf of BVG AöR. In addition to line operations our employees also drive student buses on behalf of Berlin’s districts and limousines for Berlin’s government (Senat).


Fraunhofer FOKUS
, Berlin as a neutral research institution develops solutions for future communications systems and thereby addresses challenges of social development, such as access to information, the sustainable and efficient use of resources, networked mobility and modern public administration. Fraunhofer FOKUS sees itself as a link between businesses, government and citizens.


GIP Ingenieure GmbH
, Herrnburg is an engineering company active in the area of road transport and urban planning. The range of services covers the key aspects of traffic data (collection, analysis and forecasting); traffic studies, expert reports and concepts; traffic-development / site development; planning of systems for road traffic.


INTERAUTOMATION Deutschland GmbH is a technological leader in the field of solutions for automatic passenger counting and online passenger information. With a technological focus on products for rail applications. INTERAUTOMATION supports companies in the transport business and authorities, providing reliable solutions for process optimization. INTERAUTOMATION is a medium-sized company located in Berlin, providing intermodal guidance and information systems and has been successfully executing projects in the field of local passenger transportation for more than 30 years.


The VIOM GmbH, Berlin has been established in April 2002 in the field of optimization systems and geospatial informatics with the focus on the use of new technologies for an increasingly mobile society. VIOM creates software for transport logistics across the entire mobile logistics chain, from operating data logging of mixed powered fleets (incl. CO2 balance), monitoring to planning and optimization systems, taking into account dynamic data relevant for planning such as traffic conditions or weather. It also offers its procedures and algorithms as services to complement already existing applications via interfaces.

asitos GmbH, Wildau designs, develops and implements ambitious IT solutions for logistics and other areas where real-time transparency, high levels of security and performance as well as user friendliness and simplicity are important.


Driving Force Logistics GmbH, Potsdam is a consultancy focusing on transport logistics and IT as well as safety and security of transport infrastructure. The company operates in Germany and Russia and has been involved there in the design of commercial transport for the Winter Olympic Games 2014 and FIFA 2018.


GESIG Gesellschaft für Signalanlagen Gesellschaft m.b.H.
, Bonn in addition to its standard business is engaged in software and hardware for control and monitoring of the flowing (traffic management) and static (parking) traffic with special applications in the field of intelligent traffic control.


InMediasP GmbH, Hennigsdorf provides services in the field of process and IT consulting for product development. The company designs tailored processes, methods and IT solutions for the automotive, appliance, aerospace and railway industry. In strategic customer projects InMediasP independent of system providers supports all project phases from requirements specification to process design, system design to implementation.


i-tec Consulting GmbH, Moers, is a consulting company with a focus on supply chain and service optimization. The company develops and implements sophisticated solutions in the areas of reverse logistics, business development and offers individual IT services. For this purpose, an experienced team of 15 consultants in Germany and an extended team consisting of about 50 SW developers ,offshore‘ are available. The solutions range from process redesign, design and development of applications to complete E2E solutions in the SCM chain with the essential elements Mobility Solutions for material availability, workflow management and training.



In addition the following organizations support the IWiT network as associated partners:

Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg is represented by its Department of Industrial Information Technology, which, inter alia, deals with information systems in logistics within research and application projects.


Technische Hochschule Wildau [FH] is an innovative, future-oriented and practice related university south of Berlin. It has, inter alia, strong research areas of logistics and telematics.


Verkehrsmanagementzentrale is operated by the traffic management / street lighting department of Potsdam City administration. The department has also jurisdiction for the construction and maintenance of traffic lights, signs, parking management, traffic signs like markings and signage as well as street lighting.

LogisticsNet Berlin-Brandenburg, Wildau is a registered association and the regional logistics initiative of the German capital region with about 100 industry-related members and partners from business, academic or public institutions. The LNBB is a platform for business contacts, project coordination, and information related to the logistics industry. For members the association offers a variety of marketing services, options to participate in business fairs, and multiple organized events.


Verkehrslenkung Berlin provides for safe traffic on the main roads of Berlin, and that everything remains in flux, as well as for fast and effective information for road users.